Blenheim Restaurant in New York City

Blenheim Hill Farm owns the Michelin-rated restaurant in the West Village of New York City.  The close relationship between the restaurant and its own farm makes the Blenheim experience very unique.  We go above and beyond the term "farm-to-table".  The restaurant was designed by the proprietors, Morten Sohlberg and Min Ye, who split their time between being restaurateurs in Manhattan and being farmers upstate managing weddings and farming operation upstate.  Ingredients on the restaurant's menu are quite literally "grown to order"  both for the guests in the city and wedding clients at the farm.

“Blenheim was named one of the 10 sexiest restaurant
  in New York by Zagat"

The hands-on approach doesn’t end there: the proprietors, who had a previous career in design, is also the mind behind the design, right down to the handcrafted furniture.  They juxtapose simplified modern lines with antique details that establish a refreshed sense of a pastoral retreat.  Housed in a historic building in the West Village, the restaurant balances the aesthetic on clean, minimalist lines interrupted by custom hand-made pieces.  The moss green cement tables bordered with copper, for instance, were designed by Morten, who built them puzzle­-like to be grouped together or apart.  Chairs are adorned in bright materials, as well as cozy banquettes that look out of floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Similar aesthetics can be found at the farm wedding venue. Although there is no onsite restaurant at the farm, our kitchen team from the city operation work closely with the wedding team upstate in creating the same high-quality culinary experience. Couples who are exploring having their wedding with us can meet our staff in our city restaurant first, and tour the farm.